ItsDri Premium Sweatproof Undershirt - Women's Scoop Neck
ItsDri Premium Sweatproof Undershirt - Women's Scoop Neck
ItsDri Premium Sweatproof Undershirt - Women's Scoop Neck

ItsDri Premium Sweatproof Undershirt - Women's Scoop Neck

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We heard you - finally we are announcing the finest sweatproof undershirt for women! Looking for men's version?

No more awkward social situations, no more embarrassing dates, no more hiding in black tees, and no more wearing extra outer layer of clothing just to hide sweat marks. Just a more confident YOU!

ItsDri's proprietary apparel technology combined with luxurious branded Lenzing Modal gives you unparalleled luxury and sweat proof performance.

  • The 3 layer, seamless construct at the underarms traps and evaporates sweat before it can get to your outer shirts - no sweat marks, and no yellow sweat stains.
  • The copper infused inner layer for antibacterial properties and to prevent odor buildup - ensuring that the undershirt smells fresh after a full day of use
  • Premium Lenzing Modal (200 GSM) + 5% Spandex for body hugging slim fit - You will be tempted to wear it as the outershirt!
  • Extra Long (up to 3 inches longer than competition) - the undershirt remains tucked in, no matter how much you move through the day.

Returns/Refunds: We are so confident that you'd love our undershirt that we offer 100% refund (including S&H) for your first undershirt within 60 days after purchase - no questions asked. Please check our return policy for details.We encourage you to order just 1 undershirt if its your first order to ensure that the undershirt works for you before placing a larger order.


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Order Quantity Suggestion

  • If its your first time trying our undershirts, we suggest to order 1 undershirt to ensure that the product is a good match for you and be fully covered under risk free trial guarantee.
  • If you have already tried our undershirt in past, we suggest ordering 7 undershirts to get the best possible discount (use code: DriWeek)


Size Chart:

ItsDri Sweat Proof Undershirt for Women


Ask a Question
  • Is there a way to sign up for notifications regarding when this is back in stock?

    Its back in stock! :-)

  • what color is this shirt and is there a beige or nude shirt for women?

    This undershirt is white. We do not have the nude color in women's version yet.

  • Are you planning to develop XL women´s version? And other colors like beige? Thanks

    Hi there,

    We are always working on new products to fill in our customer needs.

    Beige color udnershirts are coming soon (first for men, and then for women). We will also introduce XL for women in future, but do not have a firm timeline for that as yet.

    Thanks much!

  • Is the underarm only one piece like in the man`s version, or not, in order to fit better? Is there some plans to improve man`s version based on it? Thank you.

    Hi there,

    We are not sure if we understand the question.

    Yes, the women's version is exactly like the men's version except for the cut.


  • Is there a size chart for women shirts?

    Yes, the size chart is now published (see above please).

    Thanks for your interest in our product!

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