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ItsDri Technology

ItsDri's unique Aqua-Block technology is the most advanced sweat proofing system! Our undershirts are made using the best modal fabric to ensure a form flattering undershirt that looks great, and works even better!
The secret sauce: Our proprietary technology that layers in 3 distinct functions to provide you with an undershirt that traps the sweat in the middle layer, and allowing it to escape gently without staining your outer wear.. all while ensuring that the shirt does not smell.
  • The inner layer is copper infused premium modal to wicker sweat away and eliminate any body odor. This results in dry and fresh underarms area
  • The middle layer is Bamboo Cotton + PUC to trap sweat inside. This ensures that the sweat does not go on to the outer wear.
  • And the outer layer is again premium modal to provide that luxurious finish and body hugging fit.

Sounds simple? It really is - sweat free underarms should not be complicated!