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Whats ItsDri SweatProof Undershirt Worth to you?

Lets get one thing out of the way - a premium sweatproof undershirt is order of magnitude more expensive than the usual undershirts you have been wearing all your life. We are talking $3 a piece Hanes undershirt vs. $40 a piece sweatproof undershirt... so its worth calculating if these shirts are really worth it.

There are two benefits of sweatproof udnershirt that traditional undershirts cannot provide:

  1. Boost in confidence knowing that you do not have unsightly sweat stains under your arms. The benefits are tremendous - from landing that better job due to better interview performance, to dates where you can be your confident self. This category of benefit is, by nature, intangible and its difficult to put a value on.
  2. Savings on your outer clothing because there are not ruined by yellow sweat marks anymore. This one is simpler to understand - ItsDri Sweatproof undershirts prevent the sweat from leaking to your fancy dress shirt and thus you do not have to throw away an otherwise good shirt just because of the yellow sweat marks.

Lets try to put a value on #2 above. In most cases, though, #1 may alone be sufficient to make a strong case for ItsDri sweatproof undershirt, but we like math!

Lets say you wear a new shirt everyday to office and that each of those shirts cost you $40. Now, the life of a typical $40-$50 shirt is about 50 washes. 

If you do no use a sweatproof undershirt, the outershirt will likely have an ugly yellow stain in about 10-20 wears. Assuming you do not want to wear a shirt with the yellow stains, at this point, the outer shirt is useless for most purposes (except maybe a shirt to hide beneath a sweater). With ItsDri Sweatproof Undershirt, you can continue using your fancy outer shirt for another 20-30 washes

This means that with ItsDri sweatproof undershirt, you can extend your shirt's life by 2X-3X.. roughly translating to an incremental value of $80-$120 (assuming the shirt costed you $40).

Thus each ItsDri Sweatproof Undershirt costs you $24.99 (including shipping), but saves you about $80-$120 in extending life of your outer shirt. Thats a 300%-400% ROI, not counting the intangible benefits of feeling more confident in social situations. Note that ItsDri Premium Sweatproof Undershirts use only the premium Lenzing Modal and are one of the cheapest options available in market today thanks to our super lean operations.

So go on, try one today and we are confident you will never go back to traditional undershirts ever. So confident are we that we offer a 60 days, 100% refund policy with no questions asked.. if you do not want to keep our undershirt after 60 days, let us know and we will refund your money back.