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Bottomline – ItsDri sweat proof undershirt is one of the best sweat proof undershirt available in the market today.  The fabric is outstanding and it is super comfortable to wear all day. It looks great on you with or without an outershirt and performs remarkably well in terms of sweat proofing. 


I gave up on trying to find a solution for my underarm wetness. Until this shirt came around. I have worn it 3 times and it works very well. It has copper infused inner layer, supposedly has antibacterial properties that keep the shirt smelling fresh.


I suffer from hyperhidrosis - my underarms aer always drenching, making wearing dress shirts a nightmare! Tried several other brands before finding ItsDri. The build quality is great, and the udnershirt feels nice. More importantly, it lasts a full day without a drop of sweat coming on to my shirt.. will order more

Ricardo Powell

ItsDri Undershirts - Easiest Way to Dry Underarms!

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